Graphic Design Needs for
Individuals and Small Business

If you need a simple presence on the internet I can create a site for you. With links on the site to social media you can be mobile device friendly. Click on images to open actual sites.

pic of stonestraceregulators site     www.stonestraceregulators   This site is for a black powder reenactment group. They needed an internet presence that was informative for prospective new members and reflected the family friendly atmosphere at their gatherings. This includes a link to their Facebook page so followers with mobile devices can keep up with current activities.

pic of triad website   The Elkhart County Triad is an organization of agencies and volunteers dedicated to reducing the victimization of senior citizens. This update was completed with the goal of providing seniors and their families with a collection of resources in an easily navigated site for users of all experience levels.

novels by d r wise site link    www.novelsbydrwise   This is the first site I designed and published. Although the publishers of his third novel now maintain it as part of their services, it remains essentially in its original format.